What makes THE ONE Botanical Skin Serums so special? Simply, the ingredients we use and the ones we leave out of our formulas!

Compare: These are the labels with the ingredients of some of the most popular skin care creams and lotions:  do you recognize any of the components you put into your skin?  We have circled in each of these labels the active ingredients that are actually beneficial for your skin and you will see that in all cases, those represent less than 10% of the overall formulation…less than 10%!

A best selling “organic” body lotion

The rest of the ingredients are chemical based preservatives, fragrances, fillers: These not only do nothing for your skin but they might actually harm it if you have a sensitive complexion.

A best selling formula for “sensitive” skin

Next time that you go to your favorite cosmetic counter or pharmacy, take a look at the label ingredients on all your favorite products.  You will see that all these cosmetics there fall into this same category:  elaborated formulas full of chemicals with a very small percentage of active ingredients.

THE ONE Face Botanical Serum Ingredients list!

Imagine what will happen to your skin if you switch to a beauty routine where the products you use are 100% active ingredients, and nothing else…will you see improvement? You will experience more than that: your skin will be re-born!

This is a real sample of our labels:  do you see the difference?  We bet you do, and so will your skin. 

Andes Organics THE ONE Serums:  The sensible way to embellish your skin.

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