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Common Chemicals found on Cosmetics Harmful

Now a bipartisan group of lawmakers and industry leaders says that has got to change, reports CBS News correspondent Jan Crawford. Common Chemicals found on Cosmetics Harmful Americans spend more than $50 billion every year on beauty and skin care products. But there's growing concern that some of the products we use to look good…
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Neroli Oil

Neroli Oil benefits Did you know that it takes at least 1,000 pounds of orange blossom flowers just to make 1 pound of neroli oil?1 No wonder it's the most expensive among citrus essential oils. Neroli oil actually offers many impressive uses and benefits, so get to know more about this valuable essential oil. Neroli…
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Caring for Mature Skin: What you should look for in your beauty routine

Our skin’s appearance and qualities constantly change throughout life. Already in our 20s, we see wrinkles around the eyes, which then spreads to the rest of our face, and in later stages, we notice changes in our facial structure which are tied to a slow drooping of the skin. Along with these natural changes, changes…
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Why are preservatives used in skin care products?

Why are preservatives used in skin care products? Preservatives become necessary to insure a bacteria free formula in most creams and lotions that contain water (aqueous solutions). Microrganisms in a cosmetic formula It is estimated more than 90%of all personal care and cosmetic products contain one or more of the paraben family of preservatives, and with…
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