There was no documented skin issue that I did not have on my face...I felt like a walking encyclopedia of skin horrors: I had dry skin, fine line, deep wrinkles, rosacea, alergies, oily spots with tendency to acne on those months, a touch of psorisis, skin pigmentation, overall lack of radiance, and I am only 36!
My bathroom cabinet was filled to the brim with all the products that I would need each one of my skin horrors...some months I would spend over $300 just to keep my face reasonable healthy and not hurting.
My sister introduced me to the One Face Serum. She always had nice skin and told me this was her secret. I was very skeptical, but also a tad desperate and broke. I remember very vividly how I put THE ONE the first time. It was at night, and my skin was so irritated and dry it was angry red. The serum went into my skin right away and I went to sleep. The next morning, I could not believe my eyes! Not a trace of irritation. I put more serum right away and I have not stopped since.
I have now such a pretty skin: it has taken three months but the change is overwhelming. I even got my dermatologists using THE ONE!

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Jennifer Vogel, New York, NY