Caring for Mature Skin: What you should look for in your beauty routine

Our skin’s appearance and qualities constantly change throughout life. Already in our 20s, we see wrinkles around the eyes, which then spreads to the rest of our face, and in later stages, we notice changes in our facial structure which are tied to a slow drooping of the skin.

Along with these natural changes, changes in the appearance of the skin are also related to a host of negative factors that we are exposed to throughout life: excessive exposure to sun, smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol, poor nutrition, and more.

Although there are many expensive treatments on the market, there are also natural solutions that can prevent and delay the damage caused to the skin, and help it look tighter and smoother.  While it is true that just moisturizing it is not enough to care for mature skin properly, your beauty routine does not need to be complicated or break the bank.  You just have to take care in choosing products that that care of key necessities.

What are the key points that we should look for when caring for mature skin?  Your beauty routine should address all these issues:

  1. Choose a product that boast your collagen production:  Throughout the aging process of the skin, collagen, the protein responsible for the skin's elasticity and tightness, goes through changes that slow down its processes and cause the skin to lose its elasticity and moisture, creating a more lax appearance.  By helping skin increase collagen production, which helps tighten the skin and reduce wrinkles and other early signs of aging.
  2. Choose a product that firms up the skin:  You need to reduce sagging to recover youthful looks:  elasticity is key!
  3. Choose a product that keeps skin smooth and shiny:   A good product for face and neck helps make loose and wrinkled skin smoother, and restore its glow.
  4. Choose a product that adds and helps retain moisture:   Keeping skin hydrated is key!
  5. Choose a product that exfoliates naturally and gently:  This helps skin renovate cells and get rid of dullness.
  6. Choose a product that restore's skin vitality:  healthy skin is always good looking skin!

THE ONE Botanical Skin Serums are an easy and natural approach to take care of all these specific need in one single step.

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